Histories of our associates: .CU

In December of 1991, the .CU was registered and delegated to the NIRV Center, from APC in Canada. A few years later, in January, 1997, the .CU country code top-level domain began to be administered by CENIAInternet, a network of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Cuba. This is how Cuba’s NIC was created.

Histories of our associates: .CR

In 1990, the IANA delegated the .CR top-level domain to Costa Rica. This delegation was completed by a renowned promoter of initiatives in the technological sector of the country and the region: Dr. Guy De Téramond Peralta. Then, on September 10, 1990, NIC Costa Rica was created as a specialized, non-profit unit, belonging to the National Academy of Sciences.

Histories of our associates: .CO

.CO Internet SAS, a subsidiary of Neustar INC, has been promoting, administrating and technically managing the .CO ccTLD since February 2010. It has been positioned as a world-renowned brand and as a Colombian virtual asset. By resorting to the best international practices, the aim has always been to ensure the security and reliability of the domain.

LACTLD’s Brand New General Manager

Miguel Ignacio first started working as an IT consultant for the Argentinian State, and then he was in charge of Communications in NIC Argentina, where he was part of the process of comprehensive transformation of the organization. He has been the new LACTLD General Manager since October: “This allows me to work at the heart of a community that I’ve always admired and to which I belong.”

Connecting the Dots in History: From Integration to Consolidation. Part III

The creation of LACTLD was vital to foster dialogs among peers, to work jointly in an organized fashion. Besides, the international context required representation mechanisms and it was increasingly important to understand and develop the institutional environment to build the trust around the management of the Internet's critical resources.

Histories of our associates: .CL

NIC Chile is one of the operators of the LACTLD Anycast Cloud, and supports the DNS Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean. At the international level, it has been involved in ICANN and in the ccNSO. Furthermore, NIC Chile has contributed to the innovation of Chile in many aspects, such as the development of electronic billing and the online arbitration system for dispute resolution regarding domain names.

Histories of our associates: .BZ

Belize provisioned its corresponding top-level domain between 1992 and 1993, even though at that time there was no Internet connectivity in the country. The IANA assigned the management of the ccTLD to the then University College of Belize, a precursor to the current University of Belize, through to a team effort led by the United Kingdom’s Volunteer Service Organization.

Connecting the Dots in History: LACTLD and the Early Days of the Commercial Internet. Part II

The “NIC” list, which would be the start of LACTLD’s list, was created and hosted in NIC.MX towards the end of 1997. At the beginning of 1998, conversations started to take place with the IFWP, which was emerging during that year, together with the need to find an environment that could glue all ccTLDs together.