Regional cooperation efforts and technical training for NIC .VE

Regional cooperation efforts and technical training for NIC .VE


NIC .VE participated in a technical training aimed at maintaining a secure and resilient domain names system in the region. The initiative was driven by LACTLD members —Julián Dunayevich (NIC Argentina) and Rosalía Morales (NIC Costa Rica)—, and it received the support from ICANN and LACNIC.

From June 4 to 8, Gabriel Porco and Kevins Rangel from NIC .VE participated in a training imparted by the NIC Costa Rica team and coordinated by LACTLD. The initiative was a success thanks to the Costa Rican team cooperation and to the learning willingness and commitment showed by Gabriel and Kevins. Their active participation, their efforts to apply what they have learned and their interest in the topics and programs studied made the experience very fruitful and satisfactory.

The NIC Costa Rica team offered different trainings throughout the week. Some of the topics covered were the operation and installation of FRED; the integration of this system with web platforms; different standards and security aspects; the implementation and deployment of Internet exchange points (IXP); among others. In addition, the NIC .VE representatives received an introduction to the DNSSEC protocol theory, analyzed possible scenarios for its implementation and participated as witnesses of a DNSSEC signing ceremony of the NIC Costa Rica subzones scheduled for that same week.

Even though the regional cooperation project focused on technical issues, Gabriel and Kevins also had the opportunity to participate in the different ccTLD operation areas. They were able to analyze the commercial and communication strategies. Specifically, they reviewed the launch of NIC Costa Rica second-level domains, its impact and development. Additionally, they addressed their operation policies as well as the provision of value-added services. In each of these management areas, they were able to receive recommendations and strategies based on the NIC Costa Rica experience. Finally, Gabriel and Kevins agreed to stay in touch with the ccTLD team to continue working together in the future.

The project did not conclude at the NIC Costa Rica offices. This initiative had a second stage of training and technical cooperation. From September 24 to 28, Geraldine Maldonado and Gabriel Porco, representatives of NIC .VE, had the opportunity to attend the LACNIC 30 and LACNOG 2018 meetings and the LACTLD Technical Workshop 2018. In order to participate in these events, Geraldine and Gabriel received the support from ICANN, intended for travel expenses, and the assistance of LACNIC for housing costs during their stay in the city of Rosario, Argentina.

Both NIC .VE representatives attended the different sessions in each of these meetings and were able to receive and complement (in the case of Gabriel) the training on issues of technical impact for their ccTLD.

All those who participated in the initiative expressed their gratitude to ICANN, LACNIC and LACTLD for providing the means to carry out this experience and to NIC Costa Rica for their great willingness and commitment with the training project. The cooperation and integration activities between the ccTLDs of Latin America and the Caribbean are key resources for the Internet growth and development in our region. LACTLD is committed to continue promoting these efforts and to continue contributing to the development of the ccTLDs in Latin America and the Caribbean.