Histories of our associates: .CR


LACTLD shares the histories of its associate members that were included in the 20th Anniversary Publication. In this article, we present the historical review of .CR.

.CR staff


Rosalía Morales, Executive Director of .CR
Rosalía Morales, Executive Director of .CR

In 1990, the IANA delegated the .CR top-level domain to Costa Rica. This delegation was completed by a renowned promoter of initiatives in the technological sector of the country and the region: Dr. Guy De Téramond Peralta. Then, on September 10, 1990, NIC Costa Rica was created as a specialized, non-profit unit, belonging to the National Academy of Sciences.

NIC Costa Rica has always had as its mission the administration of .CR through a user-committed, highly qualified and neutral service. It has always sought to foster network security, stability and resilience.

Apart from administrating the .CR domain, NIC Costa Rica contributes to the strengthening of the Internet in the country by organizing projects and participating in debates on fields such as Internet governance and Internet policy, cybersecurity, infrastructure, educational outreach, troubleshooting, and so on.

In 2008, NIC Costa Rica launched the second-level domains. Some years later, in 2012, it created the Internet Advisory Council of Costa Rica, whose duty is to discuss Internet national policy and to define the international stance of the country. In that year, the DNSSEC for .CR and its subcategories were available free of charge for all users.

Subsequently, in 2014, the first Internet exchange point of Costa Rica (CRIX) was set up. This allowed the local networks to exchange traffic efficiently from a common point located in the national territory without the need to use international links.

In 2017, NIC Costa Rica went from being the only registry and registrar to working in conjunction with other companies registering .CR. During that year, the group of network operators of Costa Rica (NOG-CR) was created to foster the exchange of better operational practices in the management of the country’s networks.

Nowadays, NIC Costa Rica continues working on its initial mission, having several projects under way to promote the development of the Internet in the country.

*The original history is included in the LACTLD 20th Anniversary Publication.