Histories of our associates: .CO


LACTLD shares the histories of its associate members that were included in the 20th Anniversary Publication. In this article, we present the historical review of .CO.

.CO staff


Eduardo Santoyo, General Manager de .CO Internet SAS
Eduardo Santoyo, General Manager of .CO Internet SAS

.CO Internet SAS, a subsidiary of Neustar INC, has been promoting, administrating and technically managing the .CO ccTLD since February 2010, in accordance with the concession agreement celebrated with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MINTIC, in Spanish.)

In 2006, an initiative from the Colombian government, in the context of lively debates, paved the way for the government to pass Act Nº 1065. This law granted the MINTIC the authority to regulate the administration of .CO.

After some studies and consults with national and international experts, a new business model was additionally outlined. On the one hand, there were the roles of guidance and policy definition, which would stay in charge of the Ministry. On the other, there were the roles of promotion, administration and operation of the domain. The concessionaire of .CO would, from then on, carry out these tasks.

This new administration was established as an example of harmony among the public administration, the international legal systems, and the interests of the national community. Moreover, the process was recognized and endorsed by Universidad de los Andes (former administrator), ICANN, and the IANA, among other entities.

In 2009, finally, the Tender 002 concessioned the promotion, administration and technical operation of the .CO domain to .CO Internet SAS.

.CO Internet SAS has been working on the development of .CO ever since 2010. It has been positioned as a world-renowned brand and as a Colombian virtual asset. By resorting to the best international practices, the aim has always been to ensure the security and reliability of the domain. The operational success of these actions has been reflected on the increase of registrations of .CO domains and on the support of the online, entrepreneurial community. Furthermore, this success has allowed the .CO domain to engage in the empowerment of the next generation of Colombians through the FONTIC, the fund that seeks to facilitate ICT access at the national level.

*The original history is included in the LACTLD 20th Anniversary Publication.