Commercial Workshop 2018: debates, strategies and joint projects


On Thursday 8th and Friday 9th March, the LACTLD Commercial Workshop 2018 took place in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. A few days before the start of ICANN61, at the Convention Center of Puerto Rico, LACTLD associates and affiliates met to expound, discuss and resolve their challenges in the commercial, communication and marketing fields. The Workshop had a wide participation of in-person and remote assistants, who exchanged points of view, questions, strategies and possible solutions to their common problems.

LACTLD Commercial Workshop

Among the topics worked by the participants, the commercial strategies and communication approaches implemented in recent months were highlighted. Especially, the participants focussed on the online presence of the ccTLDs and on the customer service practices for users and consumers of domain names. Also, they proposed and started the development of collaborative campaigns and projects intended for the members common use. Moreover, the ccTLDs participated in an exchange and debate about the applicability and the implementation of the new European regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

The Workshop also had the participation of Peter Van Roste, General Manager of CENTR, who shared with us the insights and experiences of their Marketing working group. Additionally, Maria Guitrón from Google presented facts and data about the Internet use in the region and about the different solutions for ccTLDs management, offered by Google. Giovanni Seppia from EURid expounded the latest Marketing and CSR actions from .EU. Finally, Rodrigo de la Parra, VP of ICANN LAC, presented and described the ICANN regional strategy.

From LACTLD, we are gratified with the participation, the debate and the results of the Commercial Workshop 2018. The meeting allowed us to address current problems as well as define future projects and objectives for the Organization. Finally, we want to thank the presence and collaboration of our members and, especially, the participation of CENTR, Google, EURid and ICANN LAC.