Olga Cavalli
Interviews / 14-01-2019
In this interview, Olga tells us how ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee is organized, who participates in it, and what issues are currently being addressed.
.GT staff
Corporate / 07-01-2019
The .GT Registry is a unit from the Center for Applied Computer Studies (CEIA, in Spanish) of the Research Institute of Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG). This Center made the first Internet connection in Guatemala in 1991.
Technical training for NIC .VE
News / 28-12-2018
NIC .VE participated in a technical training aimed at maintaining a secure and resilient DNS in the region. The initiative was driven by LACTLD members and it received the support from ICANN and LACNIC.
EC staff
Corporate / 17-12-2018
In 2001, Mr. Garry Donoghue bought the .EC top-level domain from Ecuanet, a company that, at that time, belonged to the Banco del Pacífico. Back then, only the first steps regarding the development of the Internet were being taken in Ecuador.
Patricio Poblete
News / 11-12-2018
Patricio Poblete explains how the ccNSO was created and what was the participation of the ccTLDs in the early days of ICANN.
.DO staff
Corporate / 07-12-2018
The delegation of the .DO ccTLD happened on August 25, 1991. This delegation took place during the first stage of the CUNet (Caribbean University Project), the initiative from the OAS undertaken to set up an academic, scientific, technological and research network among the universities in the Caribbean.