Patricio Poblete
Interviews / 10-05-2018
A man of a great background in Latin America and the rest of the world in relation to the Internet and its communities. Kind and straightforward. Patricio tells us about his thoughts on the Ethos Multistakeholder Award. He was the recipient of this award in the ICANN59 meeting last June.
Hugo Salgado
Interviews / 24-04-2018
The Observatory constantly performs queries to the Latin American and Caribbean DNS, processing their answers and determining the safety and resilience indexes of domain names. This project aims at getting a complete picture of the status of the DNS and its evolution over time.
Changes in the ways to participate in ICANN
News / 19-04-2018
The participation, diversity and access of Latin America and the Caribbean in relation to the debates that shape the Internet ecosystem. By: Rafael “Lito” Ibarra, also known as the father of the Internet in El Salvador.
News / 12-04-2018
Preparing for emergencies and natural disasters is a task that concerns ccTLDs globally. LACTLD together with AfTLD, APTLD and CENTR decided to carry out a survey with the objective of collecting information about the types of disasters and emergencies that ccTLDs have faced at the global level and the different approaches taken to address them.
LACTLD Taller Comercial
News / 14-03-2018
On Thursday 8th and Friday 9th March, the LACTLD Commercial Workshop 2018 took place in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. A few days before the start of ICANN61, at the Convention Center of Puerto Rico, LACTLD associates and affiliates met to expound, discuss and resolve their challenges in the commercial, communication and marketing fields.
VDECC logo
News / 07-03-2018
LACTLD joins as partner in the Virtual DNS Entrepreneurship Center for the Caribbean (VDECC). The VDECC will seek to build a knowledge networking platform for the development of digital opportunities in the Caribbean region.