Verisign’s Domain Name Industry Brief is out

The number of domain names registered around the world grew by 2.2 million, or 0.8%, to 296 million at the end of June according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief from Verisign.
With similar growth, the 300 million mark should be reached around the end of 2015. Worldwide registrations have grown by 16.4 million, or 5.9 %, year over year.
The growth suffered a slowdown from the first quarter when six million domains were added to the base of registered domain names. And it was also a marked slowdown compared to the same quarter in 2014 where registrations grew 1.4 % or four million and year-on-year registrations grew 7.2 %.
For ccTLDs the .tk (Tokelau) ccTLD is still the largest while second remains .de (Germany) which recently passed the 16 million registrations mark. Rounding out the top ten ccTLDs were cn (China), .uk (United Kingdom), .ru (Russian Federation), .nl (Netherlands), .eu (European Union), .br (Brazil), .au (Australia) and .fr (France).
The top 10 rank of the largest TLD would be: .com, .tk, .de, .net, .cn, .uk, .org, .ru, .nl and .info.
The latest Domain Name Industry Brief is available here: