LACTLD Marketing Workshop – 20 June 2015, Buenos Aires. Enhancing the commercial vision towards the ccTLD development

LACTLD organized its 5th Marketing Workshop in the framework of the ICANN 53 meeting, with the collaboration of the local host NIC Argentina.

The Workshop had the participation of 18 ccTLDs, of which 16 were LACTLD members as well and 10 Registrars, including regional companies and some of the largest ICANN Accredited Registrars with experience in the Latin American and Caribbean market.

The event was organized in the framework of the ICANN Strategic Plan for Latin America and the Caribbean which seeks to enhance the commercial vision of the ccTLD to provide for its sustainable development.

The first session of the Workshop there were group dynamics about threats and opportunities, discussions on the growth in the region, and challenges to increase new registrations, promote the renewal and limit the number of deletions.

The first panel was focused in the development of a strategic vision in the domain marketing, through the zone analysis, knowing the state of the domains and compiling the key data; market assessments and the development of the Registrar channel, in order to enlarge the domain portfolio.

With the purpose to provide continuity to the experience of the Antigua´s Workshop (February 2014) of including Registrars in the ccTLD agenda and in light of the growing interest of the LACTLD membership on the Registry/Registrar model and its implementation in some Registries, the space was opened to the Registrars. In this sense, the event facilitated the interchange of experiences and expectations, looking for an enriching approach and a mutually beneficial relationship.

The panel sessions with Registrars were focused on the necessary guidelines to build up the Registrar channel, it was deepened in the legal, commercial, administrative and policy aspects that constitute the model. Besides, it was highlighted the strategic of the relationship with the Registrars as partners in the domain names sale and the Registry development, and it was revised the joint possible work-streams, engagement and cooperation ways.