ICANN accountability, IANA stewardship – what’s at stake?

The CCWG is about to publish its second proposal for public comment (see here) at any moment. In the following passage taken from an article by Jordan Carter of .nz and member of the CCWG it is explained why this process is so important.

By Jordan Carter from .nz

ICANN. IANA. Accountability. Stewardship. Transition.

These words together have deep meaning to many of those who participate in or follow global Internet governance. They are also, to be honest, meaningless mumbo-jumbo the vast majority of Internet users.

What’s it all about, and should you care at all?

Annoyingly, the answer is, “probably.”

If you rely on the Internet’s Domain Name System functioning reliably (want that email to go to the right place? how about knowing your favourite website is going to work?) you should care.

If you manage a top level domain, or run a registrar for a global TLD, you should care.

If you’re a standard Internet user, you should be comforted that other people are doing your caring for you – but it’s still worth taking an interest.

So here’s a check-in (not as short as I would like, but hopefully readable!) on the state of play and the issues still to be resolved.

At its most recent meeting in June, the ICANN community managed to hit an important milestone: we joined the Numbers and Protocols communities (six months after them) in finalising a proposal for how to make the IANA Stewardship Transition happen.

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