First DNS L-root instance in Asunción, Paraguay

The first L-Root instance in Paraguay has been successfully installed in Asunción, and will enhance the stability, security and resiliency of the Internet for users throughout Latin America.

The launch of the L-Root instance is a joint operation between ICANN and Paraguay’s National Computing Center of the National University of Asunción (Centro Nacional de Computación, Universidad Nacional de Asunción – UNA).

“This new L-Root instance will strengthen Internet infrastructure, offering greater efficiency, stability and security, in addition to an overall improved Internet experience throughout Paraguay,” said Ignacio Velázquez Guachire, General Director of the National Computing Center of the UNA. “We thank ICANN’s managers and their technical confidence in to be the custodians of this first L-Root instance in our country, which demonstrates the continued cooperation for the development of the region’s Internet.”

Beyond just helping mitigate certain network outages, this new L-Root instance will improve response times for the rapidly growing Internet community in Paraguay and the Latin American and Caribbean region as a whole.
Specifically there are 18 root server copies in Latin America and Caribbean distributed in Paraguay, Uruguay (2), Chile (2), Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela (2), Panama (2), Ecuador (3), Haiti, Curazao, and St. Maarten.