New gTLD: 24 applications from the LAC region

On 13 June ICANN announced the presentation of 1930 applications for the new gTLD program, open form 12 January to 30 May. Currently there are 280 Top Level Domains, of which 22 are generic and the remaining 258 are country codes. Even if not all these applications are finally approved and delegated, this implies a profound change in the domain  name market.

From a geographical analysis of the applications, the greatest amount was registered in North America (991; 51,3%), followed by Europe (675; 35%), Asia-Pacífic (303; 15,7%); Latin America and the Caribbean (24; 1,2%) and África (17; 0,8%).

The following are the new gTLD submitted by different countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region. From Brazil: .bom; .bradesco; .final; .globo; .ipiranga; itau; .ltda; .natura; .rio; .uol; .vivo. In Uruguay .hoteis,; .hotel; .hoteles; .lat; passagens; .vuelos. In Colombia .avianca. In Mexico: .bar; .cafe; .rest. In Panama .blog; .legal; .news. The firm, an e-commerce regional leader presented 5 applications, the largest amount by a single company in the region from Uruguay. The city of the Rio de Janeiro is the only city that has applied to a new gTLD from the region and presented  .bom and .final.

4,3% (84) of the applications came from the “communities of interest”. A total of 66 applications have been designated as International Domain Names (IDNs) with non-ASCII scripts.

In principle, the results of the process of evaluation will be available by November and the newly delegated gTLD will start to operate at the beginning of 2013.

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