New president at the LACNIC Board

The LACNIC Board has chosen Warder Maia of Brazil as the new president of the Board, a position which he will assume on 1st January 2016. Maia is currently serving as the organization’s vice president. Next year, Oscar Messano of Argentina, who has chaired the LACNIC Board since its creation in 2002, will serve as vice president. This was agreed by the LACNIC Board during the annual year-end meeting held in early December at Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean located in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Other Board members will be as follows: Hartmut Glaser (Brazil), treasurer; Alejandro Guzmán (Colombia), deputy treasurer; Javier Salazar (Mexico) Secretary; Gabriel Adonaylo (Argentina), deputy secretary; and Rafael Ibarra (El Salvador), voting member.