New and renewed edition of the LACTLD Domain Name Report, now Quarterly.

LACTLD has published its first domain name report of 2014 since the association has decided to produce quarterly reports on the subject, in line with the practices in other regions. The report describes the status and evolution of domain name registrations among LACTLD members for first quarter of 2014

The total registration for LAC Region is 9,472,652. The net growth for this quarter was 3.5% and 3.1% for 12 months growth. It was also observed that there was a decrease in the growth rate in December, which recovered in February and is experiencing another dip in March.

Bearing in mind the evolution of domain name registrations in the different ccTLDs and the weight of .ar’s which both with Brazil represents two thirds of the total domains from LAC region, the .ar policy of charging for domain names which was introduced last 5 March will change the regional growth trends both in absolute and relative terms.