Nic Chile innovates with its Arbitration Service

After 14 years of operation last May 7, NIC Chile announced the closing of its Mediation Center. This was owed to the evolution of the .cl domain registration procedures, where mediations have lost their effectiveness.

But this is not the end of the story. Since last Tuesday 3 June, a new service of electronic arbitration for .cl domains was made available for users. This service is under the direction of the Dispute Resolution Center of NIC Chile.

This service works in situations when a registered domain name dispute comes up, and one or more organizations or individuals claim with they have a right over it. The arbitration process will be faster, cheaper and more expeditious since it will establish standardized fees and cheaper rates than with the previous system.

The process will be entirely on-line, without the need to attend the offices. This is an innovation not only with Internet proceedings, but also in the legal field in the country.