Nic Chile local host of LACNIC22-LACNOG

NIC Chile, the .CL domain name registry, LACNIC and Internet Society (ISOC) will bring together the regional Internet community next 27 – 31 October at the Hotel Crowne Plaza of Santiago de Chile to celebrate the LACNIC 22- LACNOG 2014. The event aims to create a space to exchange experiences and analyze the majour aspects of the future of lobal and regional Internet. There will be a workshop about Anycast technologies such as BGP and Multicast for ccTLDs to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the ccTLD Anycast network in the region, as well as to benefit from the interconnection with the IXPs installed in the country. The activity will be attended by over 400 professionals from leading organizations as well as representatives from government, academia and civil society.

The LACNIC 22 – LACNOG 2014 agenda includes, among others, the current challenges to computer security, strengthening the participation of all stakeholders in Internet governance, the first successful experiences with IPv6 and the transition of custody of IANA functions.

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