Net Mundial: Two days that marked a milestone

Around 1200 people gathered in person or via streaming to participate in the Net Mundial meeting held in Sao Paulo the 23rd and 24th April. The conference objectives were “(…) the elaboration of Internet governance principles and the proposal of a roadmap for the future development of the ecosystem”. The meeting achieved its main purpose which was to produce a document entitled Multi-stakeholder Netmundial Statement (the Spanish translation is still pending).

This was an unprecedented multistakeholder format meeting in which governments, business, civil society and technical and academic community participated by turn and lined up in a row, in each of the four microphones assigned to these four actors. These interventions were intended to influence the outcome document of the conference. About 30 ccTLD physically attended the meeting and more than half a dozen of those were from Latin America and Caribbean region. The underlying concept that structured this meeting was that certain mechanisms of Internet governance should start to change in order to preserve the Internet as we know it and avoid fragmentation, a real challenge after Snowden’s statements in 2013 and the first reactions to these revelations.

On informal conversations with colleagues from the Technical community, most of them are satisfied with the outcome, the process and participation, considering this was the first initiative of this nature.