What ICANN54 left us

ICANN54 was held in Dublin from 18-22 October and was attended by 2000 participants. The peculiarity of this new edition is that most of it was devoted to the discussion of a single issue: improvements in ICANN Accountability.

These improvements are the keystone to ensure that the earlier proposal for the IANA Stewardship Transition (IST) would be acceptable to both the community and the NTIA. Both the GAC and the ccNSO devoted more than 50% of their meeting time discussing the status and open issues in the ICANN Accountability improvement work.

The CCWG-Accountability made significant progress throughout the ICANN Dublin meeting, fine-tuning details and models and finding consensus between the participants. When the Co-Chairs presented the results of this intense week, they received a standing ovation from the ICANN Open Forum participants.

The initial feedback from the CWG-IST and the ccNSO community seemed to indicate that the requirements put forward in the IANA Stewardship proposal have been met.

The next step for the group will be to draft a new proposal, including the newly agreed elements. This proposal can be expected by mid-November. A new public comment period will follow, running in parallel with a consultation of the SOs and ACs. This would lead to the finalisation and submission of the proposal to the Board by the end of January.

Read more about ccNSO, gNSO and GAC meetings at CENTR Report on ICANN54 here: https://centr.org/document/ICANN54