Open Consultations and MAG meeting

The May Open Consultations took place on the 19th, before the MAG meeting. The objective of this event was to discuss and provide input on improvements for the forthcoming IGF 2014 with the interested stakeholders and MAG members. Carolina Aguerre, LACTLD General Manager, is a re-elected member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group, so she performed as an active witness during this new edition.

This was the first opportunity in which the Latvian Ambassador, Janis Karklins headed the meeting as permanent (and not interim) Chair since its public announcement during the NETmundial conference in Sao Paulo. This was a very clear change compared with previous MAG meetings since he performed the role in all its functions which was particularly noticeable when the discussions got to a dead-end or when conflict arose.

On May 20-21 the MAG meeting was focused on the workshop sessions proposals that were to be finally selected for their inclusion in the general IGF program. 288 proposals had been submitted and out of these the first 51 that obtained the highest score on the overall average of MAG members’ evaluations were included into the final program, although comments and in some cases adaptations to the proposed formats, including merging with others, succeeded. The remaining time was devoted to selecting an extra 40 sessions in order to achieve a great balance in terms of geographic and stakeholder diversity, as well as proposals that contained innovative approaches but which had room for improvement. The organizers of these sessions will be notified by the IGF secretariat in the following days, so that by the end of the final proposals are available. The final program will be available during July.

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