LACTLD Domain Name report: November-December in figures and annual overview

This LACTLD bi-monthly report describes the status and evolution of domain name registrations among LACTLD members in November and December. The total domain count for LACTLD members’ has continued to show positive growth rates in the Nov.-Dec. period however at a lower rate.

This decrease is considered normal for this time of the year, and is only slightly lower than the growth occurred during the same period last year. During 2013 the aggregate regional growth amongst LACTLD members was 3.09% (i.e. a total increase of 274.600 domain names).

Due to a sharp drop in August, which caused by the implementation of a new policy and a new system in . ar Registry, the second largest ccTLD in the region, the increase is significantly lower than the one achieved in 2012, which was almost 15%. However, short-term rates remained relatively stable.

The annual growth for the period December 2012 to December 2013 was 3.1%. The median values for the last twelve months is 9.5%, That is a high rate if compared to the 6.1% for European ccTLDs and 4.0% for gTLDs.