IANA Transition and G27

The IANA transition plan was a key element for many during the ICANN constituency meetings. While some of the groups have already identified their participants in the 27 Coordinating Group (G27), others – as well as the ccTLDs – are still working in order to identify the scope of the participants and their selection.

The ccNSO in conjunction with the four Regional Organizations (AFTLD, APTLD, CENTR and LACTLD) agreed to work in conjunction to deliver the messages about the IANA transition to all ccTLD managers, whether they are members of the ccNSO, one of the regional organizations, or not involved in any of the mentioned organizations.

The ccNSO has appointed a selection committee which must complete its work by the time the Coordination Group meets in London in mid-July.

There will undoubtedly be a way for all ccTLDs to participate in the discussion regarding the transition plan and the resulting structure.

ICANN 50 Public Forum

Since NETmundial, members of the different communities have been demanding accountability by ICANN as a condition for the transition of the IANA functions. This request was formalized through a joint proposal made durin the ICANN50 meeting in London. This request was formalized through a joint proposal performed by the gNSO Community to create an independent accountability mechanism. Several members of the ccNSO expressed their support for this proposal.  This will probably be addressed at the ICANN 51 meeting.


The ccNSO spent long sessions during the ICANN 50 in London to discuss how to organize the process of transition of the IANA functions.

Other notable performances were:

  • The introduction of two characters in the new gTLD domain name space. This subject referred to the request made by some new gTLD Registries that requested authorization for second-level generic domain names to have two characters.
  • A presentation on the development of a roadmap for the security of Nominet presenting some of the ideas behind the products and security services to be developed in the .uk domain space.
  • There was a panel at the meeting which gathered some ICANN accredited registrars with ccTLD managers to discuss about a non-policy way to facilitate better cooperation.

For more information about the agenda: http://ccnso.icann.org/meetings/london50/agenda.htm