Anycast Cloud Signature

On December 7, the Signing Ceremony of the Anycast Cloud was held in the framework of the IGF Guadalajara; The signature vas made by Demi Getschko of, Luis Arancibia of, Oscar Robles of LACNIC and Andrés Piazza of LACTLD.
The LACTLD Anycast cloud is a joint initiative of collaboration between ccTLDs in Latin America and the Caribbean which aims to promote the robustness and resilience of the Internet in the region with a mechanism that allows to reuse the same name of an NS in several geographical locations. The network is based upon best effort principles, it is a non-profit venture for LACTLD members and it does not seek to compete with existing commercial providers.
Currently we have five nodes: two in Brazil hosted by, one in Santiago hosted by NIC Chile and one in Montevideo hosted by LACNIC and one in Buenos Aires hosted by They are all part of the Anycast network made by and for LACTLD members.
firma anycast 1firma anycast 2
firma anycast