In memory of Dr. Oscar Moreno de Ayala

The 14 July our dear colleague Dr. Oscar Moreno de Ayala passed away. The LACTLD community expresses its sorrow for the loss of a leader and pioneer of the Internet both in his country and throughout the region. However, we celebrate his life and work through this quick biography pointing his achievements and his work.

Born in Cuba on January 5, he immigrated with his family to Puerto Rico when he was 14 years old and made it his homeland for the remainder of his life.  After completing his primary education in San Juan, he enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico as a mathematics major and completed his bachelor’s degree in that institution.  He later obtained his master’s and Ph.D. degree at the University of California at Berkeley. On his return, he became a mathematics and computational science professor at his alma mater, the University of Puerto Rico, to which he devoted the majority of his academic life until his retirement in 2007. He was also an accomplished and outstanding mathematician and researcher who made numerous contributions to the Computational Mathematics arena, where he will be known as one of the pioneers of the Puerto Rican Internet history. He also founded and led the administration of the .pr domain name registry, a responsibility that he carried on uninterruptedly since 1989.

Along with his other many outstanding accomplishments, which include the foundation of the Computer Science Department at the University of Puerto Rico, collaborations, key publications and awards, including a distinction as an IEEE Fellow and his numerous contributions to the expansion of Puerto Rico’s research capabilities, he will always remain in our memories as a passionate man who never gave up on his dreams.

May his unique and cheerful spirit give us strength to continue developing the Internet and its use and accompanies us towards regional development