DomainWire: CENTR’s statistical report

CENTR  published in December its DomainWire*, a statistical quarterly report on ccTLD domain names with a European focus and interesting insights on the Latin American market and other regional trends.

The total amount of domain names registered by ccTLD and gTLD in November 2013 rose to 270 million. This is an increase of 2% (5.3 million) since August. The largest growth was registered by ccTLDs, with 3.8%. This shows a trend that has been perceived in the past years which is that ccTLDs have gained market share over gTLDs, and now have 45% of the overall number (that relationshiip was 44.6% vs 55.2% for gTLDs last August).

In the classic list of the 20 largest ccTLDs of the world, .tk leads the postion with 20.6 million domain names, followed by .de, 15,6 and .uk, with 10.6 million. In this group, .br, .ar and .co are included. There are also some findings from a joint survey from CENTR and LACTLD which shows who uses ccTLDs

This report also includes the results of a survey conduced by CENTR and LACTLD on the social role of ccTLD with respect to local institutions, governments, banks, etc.

*Soure: DomainWire Stat Report 3 – 2013 (CENTR’s quarterly publication )