Internet Day, .sv and the Dot Award Challenge

On 15 May, as part of the Internet Day celebrations in El Salvador was publicly announced the first place in Best Design category obtained by the website in Dot Award competition. This site was designed and developed by the young Salvadoran Ayman Guandique, aged 14, a student at the American School, located in Santa Ana. This is the first year that El Salvador participates through SVNet, the domain name Registry for .sv, at this Dot Award program and is enrolled since late 2013, and opened the national competition at the beginning of this year.

The Dot Award is an international competition consisting in aiming young people from 10 years to 25 to design and develop their own websites. It is organized and sponsored by a group of Country Code Domain Name Registries, and it awards 3 places in 3 categories: best design, best content and best use of ICT tools (information and communication technologies).

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