LACTLD Statement on Global Internet Meetings in the Latin American and Caribbean Region

The Board of Latin American and Caribbean Top Level Domain Association, LACTLD, expresses its concern about recent events that caused the cancellation of a Global Meeting of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, scheduled in June 2016 in Panama City based on health danger reasons, due to the possibility that participants of the meeting could be infected with Zika Virus.

While there are precedents that justify the existence of alerts related to this virus, neither they have impeded the development of normal activities in the affected countries, nor have prevented LACTLD and other Internet organizations in the region to plan their activities in those countries.

The Board of LACTLD, along with the concern expressed, points out that the cancellation of the meeting in Panama and any other meeting that could be suspended for the same reasons, affects directly a large number of people in the community who find in this meetings unique opportunities to join, in person, to discussions and debates on the Development of the ccTLD community, cybersecurity and technical matters among many others, all related with the Internet Development and their responsibilities in the construction of a unique and more reliable Internet.

Similarly, negative impacts are generated in the operation of organizations such as ours, which had and still has planned a annual program of activities in order to make synergy with these ICANN meeting. We also share the concern for the health and safety of all participants in the events scheduled in our region. Notwithstanding that, we consider appropriate for ICANN to do a permanent reassessment of the conditions justifying possible future suspension of other meetings, such as the necessary consultation to all potential affected by such decisions.

Eduardo Santoyo
Chairman of the Board