F-root node live in Montevideo, Uruguay

This F root server copy recently installed in Uruguay is the seventeenth copy of a domain name system root server to be installed in Latin America and the Caribbean through LACNIC’s +Raíces program. Specifically there are root server copies in Uruguay (2), Chile (2), Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela (2), Panama (2), Ecuador (3), Haiti, Curazao, and St. Maarten.

The local sponsors are LACNIC and ANTEL. Usually  F-root nodes are located in inter-exchange points, but Uruguay doesn’t have one. ANTEL is the largest Internet provider in Uruguay, and they will propagate the route to the other ISPs. This node is available over both IPv4 and IPv6.

The 17 root server copies already installed in Latin America and the Caribbean have benefited the region’s users, as they’ve had a positive impact on how Internet connection speed is perceived and strengthened Internet infrastructure by increasing service stability.

The F server is one of 13 original Internet servers installed worldwide (ten of them in the United States, two in Europe, one in Japan). Because a technical limitation makes it impossible to increase the number of original servers to more than 13, a technology known as anycast was developed for creating clones (mirror copies) which, once in operation, are indistinguishable from the original servers.