LACTLD Communiqué on the IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal presented by ICANN to the NTIA

LACTLD, the Latin American and Caribbean ccTLD organization, would firstly like to thank the work performed by the volunteers for the elaboration of the final proposal of the CCWG Accountability, approved by the ICANN Board of Directors on March 10 to present to the NTIA.
LACTLD expresses its support to the content of the proposal, since it believes it is a document that both in its process as well as in its content, it respects the opinions and the work of different stakeholders of the community that comprises the ICANN environment, and most specifically the ccTLD community.
LACTLD is aware of the existence of different nuances in the opinions on the overall proposal, but considers that it presents significant advantages for the general Internet community involved in the operation of Internet resources. In addition, it provides more legitimacy to the multistakeholder model that is part of the Internet ecosystem.
The end of this formulation phase is a real milestone for the Internet, after the NTIA’s announcement on March 2014 when it transmitted its intention to delegate the IANA functions to the stewardship of the global multistakeholder community. LACTLD is aware that there is still a great amount of work to be performed by the ICANN community for the implementation of such a proposal and hopes that this process follows the principles and guildelines set by the CCWG Accountability and the CWG proposals.
Finally, LACTLD urges the NTIA and the authorities of the government of the United States to consider this proposal as part of an advanced process of cooperation among different interested parties and to respect the will expressed for a global, unique, interoperable and reliable Internet.