LACTLDs comments to IGF contributions

As a response to the request made by Janis Karklins, Interim Vice-chair of the IGF, of identifying actions and outcomes as a result of the participation in the Internet Governance Forums editions of 2011, 2012 and 2013, LACTLD made its own comments to IGF contributions. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen the IGF by identifying specific contributions deriving from a space which has been oriented to stimulating the development of global Internet governance.

Below, the LACTLD inputs:

LACTLD has participated in the last three editions of the IGF both to support with panelists – speakers (either through its staff / board or by channeling opportunities for the participation of ccTLDs) in workshops and main sessions, as well as during the pre-events and other networking initiatives that enhance knowledge, information sharing and raise awareness in different Internet Governance topics.

As a result of this participation in the last three editions of the IGF, LACTLD would like to bring forward the following contributions which emerge through its direct involvement and participation with the IGF:

1. The IGF provides the opportunity to engage fluidly with other stakeholders and thus expand the social capital of a small regional organization into a global space.

2. This is then reflected in improved agendas and meetings organized by LACTLD to its members. The incorporation of Internet Governance issues in the LACTLD policy meeting held annually in May has since 2012 reflected the increased relevance of these issues for registry operators in the LAC region.

3. Continued participation in the IGF has enabled LACTLD to become a regional player in the LAC Internet Governance landscape. An example is that in 2014 LACTLD has participated for the first time in the program committee organizing the LAC IGF.

4. The joint workshop organized by the four ccTLD Regional Organizations (AfTLD, APTLD, CENTR and LACTLD) at the IGF is a unique opportunity to open up Internet Governance debates to other players that are not traditionally in dialogue with these organizations at other meetings. It is also an opportunity to develop joint cooperation initiatives between these four organizations.

5. The participation of LACTLD at the MAG has created an increased presence of Internet Governance issues in the communications initiatives and outreach undertaken by this organization to its members and related organizations.