.CO INTERNET & Neustar: from allies to colleagues.

On 20 March Neustar acquired 100% of the shares of .CO Internet SAS, the company that had been running the ccTLD .co since 2010.

As the V.P and Manager of the Colombian ccTLD Registry Eduardo Santoyo declared, since the origins of .CO Internet Neustar has been involved as a partner and ally regarding the development and performance of its functions.

Neustar, the company that also manages the United States ccTLD (.us) will keep the same team of .CO Internet in Colombia, confirming the good performance displayed by the Colombian team throgh the years.

Once the operation is materialized, .CO domains Registry will remain as a Neustar subsidiary maintaining its headquarters in Bogota. The Company will also adhere to the policies defined by the Department of Information Technologies and Communications (MINTIC), which will retain its policy-making role.