Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean

On April 17  the offices of the “Casa de Internet de América Latina y el Caribe” were inaugurated, where the regional headquarters of the following organizations are based:  eCOMLAC, ISOC, LACNIC, LACTLD, LAC – IX and RedCLARA.

With opening words by LACNIC’s CEO, Raul Echeberría, Uruguay’s Minister for Industry, Roberto Kreimerman, President of LACNIC, Oscar Messano and President of ANTEL (Uruguayan Telecommunications Agency) Carolina Cosse. Uruguayan President José Mujica attended the inauguration and made a tour of the building.

With attendees from all the region, including ICANN’s VP for the region, Rodrigo de la Parra, LACTLD was represented by its President, Oscar Robles Garay, Treasurer, Hartmut Glaser and Rafael Ibarra from the Board, as well as by Carolina Aguerre.