.an with expiration date

The ccTLD .an, representing the territories of the former Netherlands Antilles, will be removed from the root on July 31, according to the exchanges of correspondence published between ICANN and the Dutch government.

The .an, as well as .cw from Curacao, is run by Curaçao University. Although this has been informed to the community since February 2012 some users and local ISPs are still using .an extension for their Internet services. The first initial proposed expiration date was in February 2014, but in order to provide more time to the transition an extension was granted for another 15 months.

Yet the .an expiration is not the only urgency the ccTLD administrator is facing. Curacao is a new country (it exists since 2010), and still does not appear in the listings of countries for some online applications and services. Even .cw has not been recognized by a large number of Internet service providers. The local Internet community in Curacao is concerned about this, since .an’s removal would phase out the country’s Internet identity and could bring about economic problems. While the University of Curaçao has been working to achieve recognition for the .cw the goal has not yet been fully accomplished.