11th CIGF in Trinidad and Tobago

From 26 to 28 August, it was held at the Marriott Hotel in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, the 11th Caribbean Forum on Internet Governance with presence of .tt representatives.

The Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (CIGF) is a multilateral regional forum organized since its beginnings in 2005 by the CTU (Caribbean Telecommunications Union) and (CARICOM) Secretariat of the Caribbean Community to coordinate a regional approach to Internet governance. Since then, the forum has met annually and the primary products of its work have been the formulation of a Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework issued in 2009, the proliferation of Internet Exchange Points and capacity building in IG Principles.

On the 27th afternoon, our colleague Patrick Hosein of .tt, performed a presentation on the development of a Local Ecosystem for Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies toAccelerate the Internet Economy.

The 11th CIGF Objectives were to develop strategies and approaches for building and/or strengthening national multi-stakeholder structures to enhance Internet governance capacity and expertise in the Caribbean. To continue review and update of the Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework V 2.0. To facilitate open discussion on current Internet governance matters of global interest e.g. the Net Mundial Initiative, NTIA transition. To explore and spread awareness on Opportunities for Caribbean Growth through the Internet Economy; and to build local capacity in Internet governance to enable, maintain and strengthen effective Caribbean representation at global Internet Governance Fora

More information:  http://www.ctu.int/event/11th-caribbean-governance-forum