10th CGI.br Conference: Debate on NON-LIABILITY OF THE NETWORK principle.

Last 10 December, the Comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil (CGI.br) closed its Series of Conferences entitled “CGI.br 20 anos – princípios para a governança e uso da Internet” which were held in commemoration of its two decades of existence. The event brought together national and international specialists throughout the year and conducted a series of discussions led by the concepts of its decalogue.
In this last event, the principle of “Non-imputability Network” was brought to discussion which questions the responsibility for the damage caused by third parties on the Internet. Some of the most outstanding participants of this discussion were Lynn St. Amour (President and CEO of Internet Matters), Pedro Huichalaf Roa (Undersecretary of Telecommunications of Chile) and Pranesh Prakash (one of the founders and now policy director of Internet and Society Center of India).