LACNIC’s 10th anniversary

 From 28 October to 1 November, LACNIC, the Regional Internet Registry of addresses, celebrates its 10th anniversary in Montevideo in a highly attended meeting, together with the regional IXP association, LACNOG 2012. LACTLD has made a distinction to LACNIC’s trajectory with a commemorative plaque handed by Board members Luis Arancibia (.cl) and Víctor Abboud (.ec), to LACNIC’s CEO, Raúl Echeberría.  Renowned world experts of the Internet have gathered in an intense schedule, such as Steve Crocker (ICANN), who offered an opening speech, as well as Patrick Fälstrom (.se), Lynn St Amour (ISOC), Paul Wilson (APNIC) and Demi Getschko (.br), amongst others. More than a dozen LAC ccTLDs have joined this conference. More information.