Additional Resources

APC: online resources, many in Spanish and publications on the Internet, ICTs and development by the Association for Progressive Communications.

ccNSO: Access to the online resources for travel grants, marketing strategies, technical resources and other relevant issues for ccTLDS.

CENTR: access to the issue papers produced and published by the European RO.

CEPALSTAT: access to ELAC’s regional statistics, including ICT´s.

CGI.BR: website to the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee and its publications, surveys and working documents (in Spanish, Portuguese and English).

CITEL: online resource center.

DIRSI: website of the Inter-Regional Dialogue for the Information Society. Specialized group in research applied to ICT policies, with an emphasis in Latin America. The information includes access to publications, archives, manuals, indicators and a calendar of academic meetings on ITC.

LACNIC: website to the LAC RIR with information on the events of the technical Internet community in the region and Internet Governance and Information Society initiatives.

NUPEF: Brazilian institute on ICT for citizenship and human rights, with access to the magazine PoliTICs.

RedCLARA: working documents on advanced Internet networks in Latin America (English and Spanish versions).

The Domain Business: electronic publication produced by the UK ccTLD, Nominet, on the domain name industry.