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.pa: new reduced tariff policy

Since 26 July .pa has reduced its tariff for third-level domain name registry and renewal:;;;;;;;;; More information ...
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DENIC: new LACTLD affiliate member

DENIC, the German ccTLD is now a LACTLD member. With more than 15.100.000 registered domain names it is the largest ccTLD in the world and the second largest TLD, a fruit of its consistent registry policies since its origins. It ...
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.uy: new policy registration at the second level

Since 10 July, .uy has began to registerdirectly under the second level. .uy is open to general use and it can be obtainesd from or from ANTEL. Those domain names which were registered up until 10 June in any ...
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Seminar “Domains Latin America”, Buenos Aires, 19-20 September

The seminar aims at promoting discussion, training and raising awareness on the business opportunities for domain names in the Latin America regions. Participant organizations include: .org; Afilias, LACTLD, .co, SEDO, ISOC, Dattatec, ICANN, UNCTAD, LACNIC. Further information. ...
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Policy registration changes in .gt

On 29 May .gt has introduced policy changes in the registry and it is now open for registration under the second level. Since mid June the registry has also introduced modifications in the period of reservation of domain names of ...
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Sint Maarten (.sx) new LACTLD member

On 25 June .sx domain representing the country code of Dutch Sint Maarten officially joined LACTLD during the 44 ICANN Meeting in Prague. Its CEO, Normand Fortier signed the application which was accepted by the President of the Association, Eduardo ...
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ICANN 44 Prague

On 25 June the 44 ICANN meeting was officially inaugurated and was organized by .cz. LACTLD is represented by several ccTLD from the region (.co; .ec; .mx; .pe; .cr; cl; .br) and by all its affiliate members. The new ICANN ...
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New gTLD: 24 applications from the LAC region

On 13 June ICANN announced the presentation of 1930 applications for the new gTLD program, open form 12 January to 30 May. Currently there are 280 Top Level Domains, of which 22 are generic and the remaining 258 are country ...
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