A month of novelties for Internet governance in Geneva

Three meetings took place in Geneva last May that marked the agenda and the pulse of the debate on Internet governance: the 5th WTPF, the second annual MAG Meeting and the consequent agenda definition for the 8th IGF in Indonesia ...
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5th Policy Workshop and Members Assembly, Medellín

Between 6-9 May LACTLD had a busy schedule in Medellín, Colombia. On 6 May LACTLD and LACNIC organized a joint opening session in two panel sessions: “The Internet Governance agenda for the next 5 years” and “ICANN’s Strategy for Latin ...
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Girls in ICT International Day

On 25th April, the Girls in ICT Day was celebrated . It is an initiative that attempts to  bring  Information and Communication Technologies closer to this gender to bridge the current gap of women and girls in ICT. The initiative ...
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VII Antiphishing annual Summit

From 23rd to 25th April, the Seventh annual Counter-eCrime Operations Summit (CeCOS VII) is taking place at the NH City Hotel in Buenos Aires. The meeting will address issues such as operational challenges and the development of common resources for ...
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 This ICANN meeting (7-11 April) has a record attendance of 2,100 registered participants and 9 LACTLD members from the LAC region (.ar, .br, .cl, .co, .cr, .ec, .mx, .pe, .gt, .sx). During the inauguration speech ICANN’s president announced the first ...
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Brazil scores a victory in its campaign against spam

According to Composite Blocking List (CBL) statistics, that provides daily updates of data referred to IPs that send spam, in four years Brazil managed to go from the first to the 12th place. In 2009, it appeared with more than ...
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ICANN’s ccTLDs and the DNS sector meeting

Between 11-15th March a group of ccTLDs were gathered in London by ICANN’s CEO Fadi Chehadé, as part of a series of CEO Roundtables centered on strategic issues faced by the Domain Name System (DNS) sector. The ccTLD group was ...
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NIC Argentina’s new registration system. is conducting a series of changes to introduce a new proposal for its users in terms of registration in which security will be prioritized and the management of domains will be simplified through a dynamic and friendly navigation interface. This ...
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