(Español) .CO y su Día de la Tecnología y la Seguridad en el DNS

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congreso telecom

Searching for democratization in digital fields

The First Regional Telecommunication Congress was held in Panama City (23-26 July) in which information leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean met in order to discuss a common regional challenge: bridging the digital gap by 2020. It was attended ...
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.CO’s three year old story by SEDO

SEDO’s last report In three years, .CO has established itself as a highly successful domain extension, with strong average sales prices and overall performance on the market. It was delegated as the country code TLD for Colombia but yet .CO ...
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ICANN 47 Durban: changes and 10th anniversary of the ccNSO

The ICANN 47 meeting (14-18 July) took place in Durban with an approximate attendance of 1500 participants. 10 ccTLDs from the LAC region joined the meeting: ar, .br, .cl, .co, .cr, .ec, .gt, .mx, .sv, .sx. Fadi Chehadé presented at ...
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Africa Domain Name System Forum

The African DNS Forum organized by AfTLD, ISOC, ICANN and ZADNA developed on 12-13 July in Durban. LACTLD and CENTR participated in the first presentation of “Trends, challenges and opportunities of the DNS industry”. This first meeting was key to ...
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Ida Holz among Internet giants

On the past 26 June, the Uruguayan Ida Holz, who is also the manager of  .uy, is among the 32 holders of one place at the Internet Hall of Fame. Those designations are managed by the Internet Society (ISOC).This is an ...
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NIC DO adopted IPv6 Protocol

Since 24t May 2013, .do Name servers have native IPv6 connectivity. Its prefixes are being announced  by an ISP (Wind Telecom), and they are working to enable users to login through another provider.Through the implementation of IPv6, NIC DO seeks to be at ...
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CCP I. in action

Between 21-23 May, the XXII Meeting of the Permanent Consultant Committee of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) of the OAS took place in Buenos Aires. The XXII PCC I gathered telecommunications regulators of the Americas which developed their working plans ...
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