New incorporation of Internet Society: Raul Echeberría in its executive team.

After the April communiqué in which LACNIC announced that its CEO and co-founder, Raul Echeberría, left his position in the organization,  on 11 June the Internet Society reported the incorporation of Echeberría to its team as the Vice President of ...
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Two more members in our community

LACTLD welcomes two newly members: .gt (Guyana ccTLD) and .tt (Trinidad and Tobago ccTLD). .gy is administered by The University of Guyana from the Centre for Information Technology and was delegated since 13 september 1994. Its responsible is Rayman Khan. ...
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(Español) LACNIC ha anunciado el agotamiento de direcciones IPv4 en América Latina y Caribe

The 10 June 2014 LACNIC announced depletion of IPv4 technology so some restrictions begin to govern for the delivery of Internet resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. It also  activated the policy on “Transfers of IPv4 Blocks within the ...
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nic chile

Nic Chile innovates with its Arbitration Service

After 14 years of operation last May 7, NIC Chile announced the closing of its Mediation Center. This was owed to the evolution of the .cl domain registration procedures, where mediations have lost their effectiveness. But this is not the ...
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Latin American and Caribbean ccTLDs contribution regarding the IANA transition.

Within the framework of LACTLD Policy Workshop and the call for comments on the transition of oversight functions of IANA, the ccTLDs members were convened to reflect on this issue and to share views and positions. This meeting catalyzed the ...
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New and renewed edition of the LACTLD Domain Name Report, now Quarterly.

LACTLD has published its first domain name report of 2014 since the association has decided to produce quarterly reports on the subject, in line with the practices in other regions. The report describes the status and evolution of domain name ...
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Foro Estocolmo

Stockholm Internet Forum 2014

The 2014 Stockholm Internet Forum held on 27 and 28 May, was the third organized by the Swedish Foreign Affairs Ministry lead by Carl Bildt. THis time subject was Internet Freedom for Development. Most of the 400 attendees were from ...
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Open Consultations and MAG meeting

The May Open Consultations took place on the 19th, before the MAG meeting. The objective of this event was to discuss and provide input on improvements for the forthcoming IGF 2014 with the interested stakeholders and MAG members. Carolina Aguerre, ...
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