italian parliament

Italian Parliament adopts Declaration on Internet Rights

An Italian parliamentary committee has adopted a (non-binding) declaration on Internet Rights, including just about every subject: access to internet, net neutrality, data protection, cyber security and internet governance. The next IGF in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, would be the scenario ...
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The internet ecosystem jpg

Everything about the Internet ecosystem on a simple graph

On 24 July CENTR published an infographic that was created in collaboration with the other regional ccTLD organizations: AfTLD, APTLD and LACTLD. It describes in a visually appealing and clear way how the Internet ecosystem is formed today This ...
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ICG announcement: proposal for the IANA Stewardship Transition

The proposal for the stewardship transition of IANA functions will be available for public comment from 31 July to 8 September. On this line, it was also announced that two webinars are going to be held the 6 and 7 ...
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ICANN accountability, IANA stewardship – what’s at stake?

The CCWG is about to publish its second proposal for public comment (see here) at any moment. In the following passage taken from an article by Jordan Carter of .nz and member of the CCWG it is explained why this ...
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FRIDA awards a project of NIC Chile Research Labs that will increase access to cryptographic solutions.

The Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FRIDA) awarded a project that is being developed by NIC Chile Research Labs. This is a software with world-class standards that enables to widespread access to cryptographic technologies. ...
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plan estrategico

LACTLD starts its new strategic plan process

LACTLD has begun the process of strategic planning for the new period 2015-2018 by using mechanisms for consultation with its members and stakeholders. To that end, the Board of Directors and representatives of the Fiscal Commission will meet in Santiago ...
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.CO turns 5 years

.CO Community celebrated last July 20 its 5th anniversary since its reopening in 2010. This was announced on the Company’s blog in which they address their more than 1.8 million users from 200 different countries. Here we share the blog ...
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.mx: 11th ccTLD of our community to sign DNSSEC

.ar; .aw; .br; .bz; .cl; .co; .cr; .hn; .mx; .pe and .pr are the eleven members of LACTLD to integrate the list of DNSSEC signed. Since last July 14, the .mx took part of the list becoming the latest regional ...
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