BZ staff
Corporate / 17-08-2018
Belize provisioned its corresponding top-level domain between 1992 and 1993, even though at that time there was no Internet connectivity in the country. The IANA assigned the management of the ccTLD to the then University College of Belize, a precursor to the current University of Belize, through to a team effort led by the United Kingdom’s Volunteer Service Organization.
Corporate / 16-08-2018
The “NIC” list, which would be the start of LACTLD’s list, was created and hosted in NIC.MX towards the end of 1997. At the beginning of 1998, conversations started to take place with the IFWP, which was emerging during that year, together with the need to find an environment that could glue all ccTLDs together.
.BR staff
Corporate / 08-08-2018
In 1989, Jon Postel delegated the .BR ccTLD to the staff working in academic networks in the country; namely, in the FAPESP. This delegation happened before the beginning of the Internet traffic in Brazil. Back then, the names registered under .BR were infrequent and their registration was done manually...
Connecting the Dots in History
Corporate / 02-08-2018
In the midst of a discussion related to the International Forum on the White Paper (IFWP) —an international meeting that took place in Buenos Aires in 1998 with the purpose of debating the procedures for the creation of ICANN—, representatives who attended the meeting from seven regional ccTLDs decided to create LACTLD.
Corporate / 27-07-2018
In 1990, the Bolivian Network of Data Communication BolNet registered .BO as the country code top-level domain for Bolivia. This step allowed the country to begin the registration and management of web page services created under the .BO domain. A few years later, in 1993, there came the registration and use of email in the country...
.AR staff
Corporate / 25-07-2018
LACTLD shares the histories of its associate members. These histories were included in the 20th Anniversary Publication. In this article, we present the historical review of .AR and its current initiatives aimed at supporting collaborative multistakeholder efforts and debates on Internet governance.