Patricio Poblete
News / 11-12-2018
Patricio Poblete explains how the ccNSO was created and what was the participation of the ccTLDs in the early days of ICANN.
.DO staff
Corporate / 07-12-2018
The delegation of the .DO ccTLD happened on August 25, 1991. This delegation took place during the first stage of the CUNet (Caribbean University Project), the initiative from the OAS undertaken to set up an academic, scientific, technological and research network among the universities in the Caribbean.
The Internet of Trust
News / 26-11-2018
The Internet Governance Forum 2018 was held from 12 to 14 November. More than 3000 onsite and remote delegates participated in the 171 sessions at the meeting hosted by the Government of France at the headquarters of UNESCO, in Paris.
.CW staff
Corporate / 09-11-2018
On October 10, 2010, the Netherlands Antilles were dissolved. Consequently, three new countries were born: Curaçao, Saint Martin and the BES Islands. A few months later, on January 2011, the University of the Netherlands Antilles presented its initial application to ICANN for the delegation of the .CW top-level domain for Curaçao.
News / 29-10-2018
LACTLD submitted its comments on the reservation of the 2-character strings at the top level consisting of one letter and one digit.
Corporate / 26-10-2018
In December of 1991, the .CU was registered and delegated to the NIRV Center, from APC in Canada. A few years later, in January, 1997, the .CU country code top-level domain began to be administered by CENIAInternet, a network of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in Cuba. This is how Cuba’s NIC was created.