Carolina Aguerre
Interviews / 19-07-2018
Carolina carried out the research, reconstruction and writing of LACTLD history. The dossier of her authorship, entitled "Connecting the dots in history: LACTLD's 20th Anniversary", is a center piece of the commemorative Publication.
News / 12-07-2018
During the LACTLD 20th Anniversary Celebration, the commemorative Publication produced collaboratively by the members of our Association was presented. Luis Arancibia, secretary of the Board of Directors, tell us about the Publication planning and production process.
News / 06-07-2018
On Friday, June 22, in Panama City, Panama, LACTLD celebrated its twentieth anniversary of foundation at the Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower. The Celebration was attended by our members and by representatives of the different organizations which LACTLD has worked with over these twenty years.
Legal and Policy Workshop 2018
News / 04-07-2018
The LACTLD Policy and Legal Workshop was held on June 21 and 22 in Panama City, Panama. The exchange of experiences and opinions among the organization members contributed to strengthen their work on the legal and policy areas of their ccTLDs.
Anycast Cloud - LACNIC - LACTLD
News / 02-07-2018
Oscar Robles, executive director of LACNIC, and Miguel Ignacio Estrada, general manager of LACTLD, signed the agreement that establishes the incorporation of LACNIC as a user of the LACTLD Anycast Cloud. The signing took place on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 in Panama City.
GT Anycast Cloud
News / 28-06-2018
On Saturday, June 23, in the city of Panama, the .GT registry and LACTLD signed agreements for the ccTLD to become a user of our Organization’s Anycast Cloud. As of its incorporation into the Anycast Cloud, the .GT registry will have different copies of its zone in the nodes that make up the network.