LACTLD REPORT #7 – Sept. 2015

In this second 2015 edition we are providing an article on the work that has been produced arround IANA Transition, a relevant issue for our community. We are also inaugurating a new section called “Dossier”. We are launching it by calling different registries in Central America and Mexico in which they comment on their current projects, landmarks and threats. To address the issue of the Internet in Central America we have interviewed César Díaz, who is responsible for External Affairs for LACNIC for that region. Another article is by Hugo Salgado, engineer at, who wrote an article about the strict planning that the working group engaged with the Latin American Observatory of the DNS is currently developing. We have produced an article that deals with the issue of the consumption of content in our region, the predominance of foreign platforms and social networks as well as the need for more domestically produced content. As with the previous issues, we have also developed a statistical report on the regional evolution of domain names.


LACTLD Third Quarterly Domain Name Report

LACTLD launched its Domain Name Report corresponding to the third quarter of 2015. As is customary, the report portrays the evolution of domain name registrations in the different registries in the region. The total registrations for LAC are 8.143.574. The ...
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New president at the LACNIC Board

The LACNIC Board has chosen Warder Maia of Brazil as the new president of the Board, a position which he will assume on 1st January 2016. Maia is currently serving as the organization’s vice president. Next year, Oscar Messano of ...
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ALAI: Another Regional Organization settled in La Casa de Internet

The official presentation of ALAI, a non-profit organization born to represent the interests of Internet companies, businesses and ventures in Latin America and the Caribbean took place on 3 December during the visit of Vint Cerf. Gonzalo Navarro is the ...
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Vint Cerf visited la Casa de Internet de América Latina y el Caribe

On December 3, Vinton Cerf, one of the engineers who designed the main communication protocols that are based on the Internet, and current chief Internet evangelist for Google, visited the “Casa de Internet de Latinoamérica y el Caribe” and gave ...
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