CENTR co-signed a letter addressed to decision makers in the EU on the so called “Trademark Package”

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is more than just a forum for exchanging ideas and networking between Internet operators, policy makers and advocates. It is the only institution that congregates, openly and inclusively, the entire community of multiple stakeholders. The ...
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APTLD has a New General Manager

Since last 13 February, APTLD has a new General Manager: Leonid Todorov. He came from a background which includes the private sector and academia. In 2008, he joined the Co-ordination Centre for .RU top level domain as Head of Government ...
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What ICANN 52 left to us; an overview of the most significant events.

The first ICANN meeting of 2015 was held in Singapore from 8-12 February in a year that promises intense movements in the Internet governance ecossystem, particularly the issues surrounding the IANA stewardship transition and ICANN accountability. IANA & ICANN Accountability ...
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.br DNSSEC Registries reach 707.199

During the last week of February, NIC .br experienced a huge rise in their DNSSEC registries with an increase of 18,200 domains growth from the previous one and reaching nearly a quarter of all the domains registered in the .br ...
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2nd edition of Mexican “Dialogues on Internet Governance”

A few years ago, we have observed several successful examples of local initiatives of Internet Governance. One of the most commented cases of success occurs in Mexico with “Grupo de Iniciativa”, a multistakeholder effort whose primary objective is to increase ...
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.hn: a way of self-improvement and innovation

The ccTLD.HN has embraced global best practices that are being implemented in the LAC region and shared within the LACTLD community. These improvements are now part of its ongoing development strategy to achieve an outstanding performance in the last years. ...
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Logo .ar has implemented IPv6 on its system

Last 10 February the .ar top level domain Registry started to implement IPv6 in their systems, which can provide better security and support the continued growth of connected devices. With this step, it is placed at the forefront promoting technological ...
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2015 Perspectives on Internet Governance

2015 has just started, but the calendar of events related to Internet Governance is already fully packed until the end of the year. The list of issues under discussion gets longer and longer and more and more people expect concrete ...
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