LACTLD REPORT #7 – Sept. 2015

In this second 2015 edition we are providing an article on the work that has been produced arround IANA Transition, a relevant issue for our community. We are also inaugurating a new section called “Dossier”. We are launching it by calling different registries in Central America and Mexico in which they comment on their current projects, landmarks and threats. To address the issue of the Internet in Central America we have interviewed César Díaz, who is responsible for External Affairs for LACNIC for that region. Another article is by Hugo Salgado, engineer at, who wrote an article about the strict planning that the working group engaged with the Latin American Observatory of the DNS is currently developing. We have produced an article that deals with the issue of the consumption of content in our region, the predominance of foreign platforms and social networks as well as the need for more domestically produced content. As with the previous issues, we have also developed a statistical report on the regional evolution of domain names.


2º Internet Governance Forum in Colombia

From 28 to 30 September 2015 it took place the 2nd. Colombian Internet Governance Forum at the Crowne Plaza Tequendama Hotel in Bogota within the framework of the most outstanding regional events as LACNIC24, LACNOG and LACTLD Legal Workshop. The ...
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Lito Ibarra new ICANN board member

Last september 25, ICANN 2015 Nominating Committee (NomCom) announced its selections for nine leadership positions within ICANN. In reference to the ICANN Board, three positions were vacant. One of this chairs belong to our colleague Rafael “Lito” Ibarra. We are ...
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F-root node live in Montevideo, Uruguay

This F root server copy recently installed in Uruguay is the seventeenth copy of a domain name system root server to be installed in Latin America and the Caribbean through LACNIC’s +Raíces program. Specifically there are root server copies in ...
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The LACTLD Legal Workshop in Bogotá took off simultaneously with other top-level regional meetings.

On September 30 in the afternoon, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Tequendama Bogota, the LACTLD Legal Workshop took off within the framework of regional meetings of great importance like LACNIC24 and LACNOG15. 25 participants attended the Workshop on its first day. ...
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