LACTLD REPORT #7 – Sept. 2015

In this second 2015 edition we are providing an article on the work that has been produced arround IANA Transition, a relevant issue for our community. We are also inaugurating a new section called “Dossier”. We are launching it by calling different registries in Central America and Mexico in which they comment on their current projects, landmarks and threats. To address the issue of the Internet in Central America we have interviewed César Díaz, who is responsible for External Affairs for LACNIC for that region. Another article is by Hugo Salgado, engineer at, who wrote an article about the strict planning that the working group engaged with the Latin American Observatory of the DNS is currently developing. We have produced an article that deals with the issue of the consumption of content in our region, the predominance of foreign platforms and social networks as well as the need for more domestically produced content. As with the previous issues, we have also developed a statistical report on the regional evolution of domain names.



10th Internet Governance Forum: a definite consolidation

The 10th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) took place between 10-13 November 2015 in João Pessoa, Brazil and had the participation of 2,400 people from 116 countries. The main theme of the event was “Evolution of Internet Governance: Empowering Sustainable Development”. ...
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.ve and .uy took part of the first successful internship as part of ICANN’s regional strategy

26 – 30 October, Montevideo – As part of ICANN’s regional strategy in Latin America and with the support and monitoring of LACTLD, it took place the first internship for capacity building in the region. Thus Jhonder Depablos, Chief of ...
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Those who are interested in Brazilian Internet History now have a significant input which tells how the country stepped down as “Spam King” and served as an example of international coordination among sectors in solving a problem of abuse on ...
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Internet freedom around the world declined for the fifth consecutive year in 2015

Washington – October 28, 2015 — Internet freedom around the world declined for the fifth consecutive year in 2015 as more governments censored information of public interest while also expanding surveillance and cracking down on privacy tools, according to Freedom ...
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Policy Workshop and General Assembly

Date: From 05/02/2016 to 05/05/2016

Place: La Habana