The 8th edition of the LACTLD Report (March 2016) presents the vision of LACTLD’s new General Manager, Andrés Piazza and his working plan for the implementation of LACTLD’s Strategy 2018. In an interview undertaken to Fadi Chehadé a few months before leaving ICANN he provides his unique perspective on Internet governance and the role of ccTLDs. The report addresses the approval of ICANN’s CCWG Accountability proposal and the next steps in the implementation while waiting for the NTIA results. In the dossier section its now the turn of the ccTLDs and the Internet in the Caribbean. In addition there is a landscape of Internet governance for 2016 and the key processes that will shape the post WSIS+10 Agenda. The Chairs and Co-Chairs of the new LACTLD working grouos – policy, commercial, legal and technical – present their working plans. As is customary, the edition provides a regional perspective of the ccTLD domain trends.


LACTLD Comments on Two-Character ASCII Labels

The LACTLD Board commented on a Public Comment Period at ICANN regarding Two-Character ASCII Labels The letter submitted: — August 17, 2016 Dear Sirs Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Hereby, the Latin American and Caribbean Top ...
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Letter to the ICANN Board of Directors concerning Global Meetings in the Latin America and Caribbean Region.

May 4th., 2016 Dr. Steve Crocker Chair ICANN Board of Directors The Board of Directors of the Latin America and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry, LACNIC, the Board of Directors of the Latin America and Caribbean TLD Association, and the Board ...
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LACTLD Statement on Global Internet Meetings in the Latin American and Caribbean Region

The Board of Latin American and Caribbean Top Level Domain Association, LACTLD, expresses its concern about recent events that caused the cancellation of a Global Meeting of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, scheduled in June 2016 ...
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.CL has over half a million domains

NIC Chile announced on 22 March that its total number of domains rose to 500 thousand. Since the beginning of .cl in 1987, it has seen a constant increase in its registrations. By 1997 there were 1,500 domain names and ...
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