LACTLD REPORT #5 – November 2014

2014, The year that Internet Governance stepped forward.

Highlights of the #5 Issue of LACTLD Report, LACTLD’s biannual publication: the IANA stewardship transition process and the challenges for the names community; national Internet governance initiatives in five countries in the region; an exclusive interview with Raul Echeberría, ISOC VP of Global Engagement on Internet Governance; the LACTLD Anycast cloud is now in place, and ready to start operating with its users; the challenges and progress of non-Latin scripts, social and technical adoption issues; a discussion on ccTLDs as property and the rights of the Internet community; the findings of a report by DIRSI on the impact of broadband adoption in the region in the reduction of poverty; domain name trends in LAC ccTLDs.


Joint Regional ccTLD Organisations (ROs) statement following the I* London meeting

Last week the I* organisations met in London to discuss several issues, one of which was the IANA Stewardship Transition (IST) process. The following are the key messages with respect to the IST that we, the Regional ccTLD Organisations (ROs), ...
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Second CWG proposal from the names community on the IANA Stewardship Transition

On April 23 the names community released its second proposal for public comment. The deadline for input is open until May 20. In the last months, the CWG has produced an intense work which managed to produce a proposal that ...
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LAC DNS Forum #2 19 Jun., Buenos Aires

The second edition of the LAC DNS Forum in Buenos Aires will take place on 19 June at the Sheraton Retiro Hotel, as part of the pre-events of ICANN 53. Following the proposal of the first edition in 2013, the ...
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ceweb-logo new operations at

On March 25 and launched the “Research Center on Web Technologies”. The objective of this center is to disseminate and promote open web technologies, as well as to encourage their adoption and use in Brazil through research and ...
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